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Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling

Guest Info:
Name: Patrick McNamara
Company: Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling

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Brewer Enterprise Inc

Guest Info:
Name: Mike Brewer
Company: Brewer Enterprise Inc

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Guest Info:
Name: Zack Barna
Company: Boompromo

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Transcend Growth

Guest Info:
Name: Corwin Smith
Company: Transcend Growth

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Quick Response Restoration

Guest Info:
Name: Tom Crismon
Company: Quick Response Restoration

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Sonoran Desert Homes

Guest Info:
Name: Dan Voykin
Company: Sonoran Desert Homes

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Dynamic Pest Control

Guest Info:
Name: Cody Smith
Company: Dynamic Pest Control

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Guest Info:
Name: Troy Henson
Company: EVŌC (pronounced EVOKE)

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Arizona’s Builders Exchange

Guest Info:
Name: Rebekah Morris
Company: Arizona’s Builders Exchange

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Arizona Contractors

Guest Info:
Name: Jeff Fleetham
Company: Arizona Registrar of Contractors

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Turn it On Electric

Guest Info:
Name: Chad Ridenour
Company: Turn it On Electric
Title: Owner/Founder

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Emerging Business

Guest Info:
Name: Brian J. Burt
Company: Snell & Wilmer LLP
Title: Partner

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How did you start your business?

Guest Info:
Name: Sam Jones
Company: Iron Automation and Fabrication LLC
Title: CEO

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How podcasting and video can help you grow and retain an awesome audience

Guest Info:
Name: Shaina Weisinger
Company: Wake Brand Media

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“Helping companies hire better people”

Guest Info:
Name: Ryan Naylor
Company: VIVAHR
Title: CEO / Founder

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“Business ownership runs the world”

Guest Info:
Name: Chad Nikkel
Company: Aquaman Pools, LLC
Title: CEO

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Power Anywhere

Guest Info:
Name: Mike Porter
Company: Landco Power
Title: CEO

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How to manage a project with many pieces.

Guest Info:
Name: Joe Hitzel
Company: Southwest Architechual Builders (SAB)
Title: President

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Healthcare in the modern age.

Guest Info:
Name: David Berg
Company: Redirect Health
Title: President and Founder

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Selling your business. How to get top value for your business.

Guest Info:
Name: Jay Jennings
Company: N / A
Title: Mentor

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Pros and cons of running a franchise.

Guest Info:
Name: Derek Herndon
Company: Sign A Rama
Title: Owner

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Top five things that add value to your business.

Guest Info:
Name: Chris Ronzio
Company: Trainual
Title: Founder

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How health impacts your business. More energy = more money.

Guest Info:
Name: Ryan Ehler
Company: Flex Fitness
Title: Co-Founder

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How to provide concierge health care for $10 a month.

Guest Info:
Name: Scott Mara, Paul Flatley, Mike Wissink
Company: Direct 2 MD
Title: CEO, CSO, COO

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What are you doing to prepare to sell your business? When to stop giving free estimates.

Guest Info:
Name: Dave McSpadden
Company: DMC Electric
Title: Founder & CEO

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Learn how to make a great first impression. Top complaints from callers.

Guest Info:
Name: Emily LaRusch
Company: Back Office Betties
Title: Founder & CEO

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When is the right time to raise capital? How may be a better option…

Guest Info:
Name: Luke Ford
Company: My Computer Works
Title: CEO

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Cash vs Accrual? Knowing your financials and using them to help you grow your business.

Guest Info:
Name: Rand Weiskittel
Company: SBDC
Title: Business Analyst

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As a business owner, I feel that there is another business inside of me that I haven’t found yet

Guest Info:
Name: Eli Hall
Company: AMS Landscaping
Title: Owner

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How to work with your spouse and setting clear expectations for both parties.

Guest Info:
Name: Lex Farias
Company: Lexcorp Plumbing
Title: Owner

Episode 4

Recruiting is an important part of your business and should be a full-time job. The marketing you do for your potential employees is just as important if not more than that of what you do for your clients.

Guest Info:
Name: Ryan Englin
Company: Core Matters
Title: CEO

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Starting from scratch…Rely on those that are experts and outsource the stuff you can’t do yourself.

Guest Info:
Name: Ben Colby
Company: Colby Construction Services, LLC
Title: Owner

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People is and has always been, a problem. What are some contractors doing to fill their open positions?

Guest Info:
Name: Mike Hobaica,
Company: Hobaica Services
Title: Owner/Sales Manager

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My backstory along with some struggles I have had to overcome. I think this could be a recurring theme throughout.

Guest Info:
Name: Joshua Farley
Company: Redline Electric & Solar, LLC
Title: President